Group Purpose

The Secular Student Alliance empowers secular students to proudly express their identity, build welcoming communities, promote secular values, and set a course for lifelong activism.

We envision a future in which secular students lead meaningful and fulfilling lives, thrive as valued members of society, and provide visionary leadership committed to humanistic ideals and critical inquiry.

Thursday, March 2, 2017

Visibility on Campus

We're putting up some new signs on campus today, inviting like-minded people to check out our club so look for them! You will find them in all buildings on campus.

MANY THANKS to the people who put time and effort into designing, creating, and posting the signs! Maria Jamarican Rupp, Kyle Luzynski, John Loethen, and others! It really does take a community.  

On the sides of the signs, please notice the Student Secular Alliance stickers that we have at our disposal. If YOU would like some SSA stickers, SSA bracelets, or SSA pins to wear, please let me know and I will get some to you.

There will be no club meeting tomorrow, March 3rd, but look for us next week on the 10th.

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